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Video Library
The HAIS Video Library is a collection of presentations, speeches, TV shows, discussions, and stories about educational topics. The production cost for a majority of these videos have been financed with funds awarded to HAIS by the Hawaii Education Networking Consortium (HENC).

The titles listed below are available in DVD format to borrow from the HAIS library or, when icons appear beneath a title in the list, may be viewed as streaming video files over the Internet.

21st Century Teaching & Learning Programs (Magazine Format)

Fmt Yr Title Time Description
DVD 2010 An Introduction to 21st Century Teaching & Learning
0:59 Discussion with Robert Witt (HAIS) & Chris Sorensen (UH-COE); Mark Hines on Digital Tech in the Classroom
DVD 2010 21st Century Survival Skills
0:59 Discussion with Tony Wagner on Education for the 21st Century; Mark Hines on Web Search Tips
DVD 2010 Project-Based Learning Strategies
0:59 Discussion with Sacred Hearts Academy Teachers Sheila Banigan & Susan Phillips on PBL; Mark Hines on Web 2.0
DVD 2010 New Approaches to Assessing Learning 0:59 Discussion with Tony Wagner on Assessing 21st Century Skills; Mark Hines on 1:1 Laptop Programs
DVD 2010 Digital Portfolios 0:59 Discussion with Elizabeth Garrison about Effective Use of Digital Portfolios in K-12 Learning Environments; Mark Hines on Using Video in the Classroom
DVD 2010 "Tuning Up" Courses for the 21st Century 0:59 Discussion with Island Pacific Academy Administrators Melissa Handy & Phavana Silva on Using Protocols to Collaboratively Revise Courses; Mark Hines on Creating Video in the Classroom
DVD 2010 Online Learning Environments 0:59 Discussion with Myron B. Thompson Academy Administrators Sharon Abrigo & Derrick Lord on Online Learning; Mark Hines on Mobile Tech Trends & Classroom Strategies
DVD 2010 Creating New Leaders for 21st Century Learning 0:59 Discussions with Sherri Okinaga (Academy 21) and Tony Wagner on Developing New Education Leadership for the 21st Century; Mark Hines & Panel Discuss Tech Policy Issues

Hawaii Schools of the Future Initiative

Fmt Yr Title Time Description
DVD 2009 High Tech High Site Visit 0:30 2009 visit to High Tech High in San Diego by SOTF project team members
Dvcam 2008 Tony Wagner: SOTF Conference 1:29 Keynote Speaker Tony Wagner talks about the "7 Survival Skills" for 21st Century Learning
DVD 2011 Thinking Inside the Box at Iolani
4:00 Aproject-based learning strategy for teaching high school history

In Our Schools

Fmt Yr Title Time Description
DVD 2009 A Look at Project-Based Learning 0:30 A look at what three schools in Hawaii are doing to introduce more project-based learning into their curricula
DVD 2010 Buildings That Shape Learning
0:30 A tour of two 21st Century learning facilities: the Energy Lab at Hawaii Preparatory Academy and the Weinberg Technology Center at Mid-Pacific Institute
DVD 2010 Learning Around Sustainability
0:30 A look at what three schools in Hawaii are doing to introduce more environmental awareness and "green learning" into their curricula
DVD 2009 Online Learning in Hawaii 0:30 Interviews with online learning teachers at Kamehameha Schools, Leeward Community College and Myron B. Thompson Academy
DVD 2010 Passionate Teacher Leaders
0:30 Interviews with Bill Wiecking, Mark Hines and Robert Witt about teaching as a "passion" rather than just a profession
DVD 2009 Montessori Hale O Keiki Middle School 0:30 A look at the Montessori Hale O Keiki Middle School marine science program
DVD 2009 The Transformation of Nanakuli High School
0:30 A review of the first stages of redisign of Nanakuli HS using the New Tech High curriculum and strategies
DVD 2010 IPA Tuning Protocol Session
0:30 Taping of a project tuning protocol session at Island Pacific Academy
DVD 2010 Entrepreneur in Residence Program at Punahou School
0:30 A look at the Entrepreneur in Residence program at Punahou High School
DVD 2010 Iolani Community Action Network
0:30 A look at the Community Action Network service project at Iolani School that involves students, faculty and alumni
DVD 2010 From 3:00 to 6:00
0:30 A look at creative after school programs for middle school students

Various Programs Related to Education in HAIS Schools

Fmt Yr Title Time Description
DVD (2) 2010 The Hokulea Worldwide Voyage
0:29 A lecture given by Nainoa Thompson at Kapiolani Community College on the Polynesian Voyaging Society's plan for sailing the Hokulea canoe around the world.
DVD (2) 2009 Real Ethics - Part 1

Real Ethics - Part 2
0:29 FBI presentation on Internet safety for students
DVD 2009 Hokule'a's Voyage to Palmyra Atoll
0:29 A story of Hokule'a voyaging to Palmyra Atoll to document marine protected reefs and share lessons learned with school children in Hawaii.
DVD 2009 High Tech High 0:29 A documentary about High Tech High as a model for 21st century education.
DVD 2009 Youth Speaks Hawaii
0:29 A documentary following the contestants of Youth Speaks Hawaii.
DVD 2009 Ben Daley - COO, High Tech High
0:29 Ben Daley, COO of High Tech High speaks about 21st Century Education.
DVD 2009 Pat Bassett - President, NAIS
0:29 Pat Bassett, President of NAIS speaks about the role of NAIS in 21st Century Education.
DVD 2008 A Story of Survival - Betty Rothman
0:29 Holocaust survivor Betty Rothman speaks about surviving the war years and stories of kindness from the German soldiers.
DVD 2008 Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps 0:29 A documentary about Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps.
DVD 2009 Journey to Kaho'olawe
0:29 A documentary following students from Aiea Intermediate and Mililani High School as they journey to Kaho'olwe and share lessons learned in their communities.
DVD 2009 Ocean Minded
0:29 A story about the most dangerous ocean areas in Hawaii and how to become "ocean minded" by joining the Junior Lifeguard Program.
DVD 2008 The MA'O Project
0:29 A story about MA'O Organic Farm and various youth that become connected to the land by learning how to grow their own food.
DVD 2007 Hawaii Sandplay Council
0:29 Interview with Julia Phillips and Luana Rowland about the Hawaii Sandplay Council.

HAIS Video Library - DVD Borrowing

HAIS Video Library borrowing services are available to HAIS and DOE schools. To borrow a DVD from the HAIS Video Library, your school must have attended the event at which the video was filmed. For example, the DVD of Sir Ken Robinson's keynote speech from the October 14, 2010 Schools of the Future Conference will only be loaned to HAIS or DOE schools that attended this event.

DVD rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis. To borrow a DVD from the HAIS Video Library you must submit this online HAIS Video Library Membership Agreement Form. Once your form has been processed you will receive an email notification letting you know when your requested DVD will be mailed to you.

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